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Year 8s at Balmac....it's all go!

It has been a busy start to the year for our Year 8 students. All our Year 8 classes have been having weekly sessions with Pip to upskill their use and design ideas using Co-spaces to create their virtual worlds. Many had been exposed to this digital tool but had not realised its full potential for creating, making, and coding.

Our classes went to the Aquarium as part of our Term One integrated theme of Adaptation and one of the tasks we set was to recreate an underwater aquarium on cospaces. The problem solving, creativity and design ideas were evident in the classroom and in our final Aquarium spaces, but the highlight for me was the watching the engagement, sharing, peer teaching, collaboration and enthusiasm for the task. The self directed learners who used Youtube as well as Pip's online tutorials to teach themselves and then share with others was inspiring.

Pip has also been running other sessions using her ideas of animating our Zoo PBL animals that the students have just started planning. Their challenge is to make their animal move- using hydraulics and linkages, using sensors to light up or make a sound is an added challenge for this year - watch this space to see how our students rise to this before we host our sharing night at the end of term.

Another added incentive has been the badges system recently introduced. A number of our students have now set up a google site to log and submit their evidence towards this new initiative.


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