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Wakari Term 1 Update

By Chloe Barton & Anna Ollerenshaw

Junior Snack Shop

As part of the Junior Syndicate’s healthy eating focus this term, the children created a snack shop for the Wakari School children. The children gathered school-wide statistics on healthy eating before deciding on popcorn and fruit kebabs to sell. Posters were made, containers were created and the whole school took part in their snack shop on Wednesday.

Middles Makerspace

Each lunchtime the Middle Syndicate children have the chance to head to the Makerspace to put their imagination into action. The Year 4 children have had the opportunity to be leaders and monitor the space. The teachers have been so impressed with the independence, respect for the space and leadership the children have shown.

Seniors Makerspace

The Senior Makerspace has been humming during lunchtimes. Over the term we have tried a number of ways to run the Makerspace and have settled on having 10 children visit each lunchtime for a week. This has allowed the children to have consecutive days to work on a project. There are two monitors who work alongside them and help in anyway they can.


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