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Using Digital Tools to Create

Author: Rebecca Allnutt

We have begun the year learning new skills and trying new things in our classrooms. A new tool we learnt about at the beginning of the year was 'Gravit' https://gravit.io/. T

his is a graphic design site which has a huge range of opportunities and scope to create. 

In Room 6, the children have created some fabulous superhero art using a mixture of digital tools and physical materials. It has been a great way for children to see how technology can be used to design, create and share outcomes with others. The art project was to create a cityscape with a superhero flying over. Children in the class were able to choose to create their cityscape background by cutting out shapes with paper, or by using Gravit. On Gravit, the children had to manipulate and change shapes to complete their design. They were able to use a range of shapes, colours and effects.  Plenty of problem solving was involved!

All teams have now begun their first Project Based Learning Inquiry of the year, with the focus question "What makes you, you?" We are learning about how people express themselves and how we express ourselves. We are looking forward to integrating learning experiences with new tools and ideas. 


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