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Raft Building at Wakari Senior Camp-An exercise in design thinking, problem solving & collaboration!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Author: Anna Ollerenshaw

Equipment provided:

2 large wooden planks per group

Selection of rope - long, short, variety of thickness.

Inflated tyre tubes - selection of sizes.

Large empty plastic containers (with lids)

Lifejackets for the testing phase.

Shallow, safe river.

Brief the children are given:

Goal is to make a raft that can carry their team members down a predetermined length of the river, without anyone falling off, or the raft disintegrating.

Discussion around teamwork and listening to others ideas.

Can use any or all of the equipment provided, in any way.


This activity has been run at camp for years, and the children absolutely love it!

Due to the great weather during this camp this year the children had the time and opportunity to trial, revisit their design, make alterations and then re test it. Most groups managed to achieve flotation successfully. The one team that struggled (on the last Thursday of camp) was a group that had many, many different ideas and found it difficult to focus on working as a team to complete one idea.


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