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Middle Syndicate at Wakari - Growing Key Skills

By Chloe Barton

Friday Hub Challenges

This term we have been developing our problem-solving and thinking skills through team-building challenges. Each Friday the Middle Syndicate takes on a challenge aimed at working in a team, collaborating ideas and reflecting and modifying. So far we have been challenged by our teachers to create a safe egg-drop, a tall tower for a marshmallow, and cardboard attachments which will be a part of a marble run. The Hub Challenges are a highlight of our week!

Green screen

To develop our skills using a green screen the children were to create a news bulletin-style video explaining why Wakari School is the best school! The content needs a bit of work but the children learnt a lot about choosing backgrounds, how to set up the ipads on the tripod to record them (and not the wall behind them) and how to manage their time!

QR codes

The children were given a QR code challenge from Pip which included using several skills: typing a webpage, filling in a google form, googling for information and following instructions. The children really enjoyed this and it quickly highlighted areas of learning that needed to be developed.

Video Tutorials

Pip also worked with a group of experts from across the syndicate to create video tutorials. The children chose a skill to teach and then recorded their tutorial for us to then use with our classes.


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