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How can we as individuals, share our Tūrangawaewae story in a way that engages our audience?

Author: Jake Scott

At the end of term 1 our students exhibited an excellent array of projects and deeply explored ideas. The authentic audience proved motivation for our students and after a term of exploring new technologies and resources, it was clear students enjoyed putting their new skills into practise for our final exhibition. I particularly enjoyed the cardboard constructions, animations, Co Spaces, and HP Reveal. The learning certainly is not over, in-fact this is just the beginning and students are already looking at ways to improve their design and presentation for next time.

This term students explored their Tūrangawaewae; Identity or place of belonging. It was fascinating to see the range of backgrounds and cultural influences from around the globe. A combination of great questioning and the variety of available technologies, resulted in many high quality presentations during our exhibition. Parents, teachers and students spent an afternoon and morning delving into engaging and often interactive exhibition pieces to find out about the colourful and eventful past and present lives of our student community.


As a reflection tool, students were involved in a ‘gallery walk’, where reversed post-it notes were used to provide support using three prompts.




Students enjoyed this process and provided creative and helpful feedback to support their projects. The benefit of reversed post-its, is feedback is not seen and therefore does not influence others. Similar ideas can also come up more than once and adds weight to that particular point of view. Finally students feel as their ideas are not on view to be criticised.


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