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Engaging Your Audience With HPReveal

Author: Jake Scott

Driving Question

How can we as historians design a virtual museum app that demonstrates the cultural influences on our local community’s Tūrangawaewae?

Our year 7 students at Balmacewen have been exploring museum exhibitions in preparation for their personal Tūrangawaewae exhibition at the end of term. Students learn to manage information and to be creators in the digital world.

Questions that have been posed are:

How does Toitū Otago Settlers Museum present stories?

How do they engage their audience?

2 tools were introduced: Thinglink and HpReveal.

As we have seen at the museum, allowing the audience to interact with displays can be engaging. Putting this into practise students first created their own photo montage of themselves, displaying images that explore their identity and interests. Thinglink was used to add touch points that can then be clicked to elaborate on main points or other supporting include media.

Thinglink was successful as tool to involve the audience, but many had issues when creating and managing multiple accounts.

Hp Reveal has been a much easier to introduce. Establishing a trigger image allows the app to scan for the image. When found by simply searching the space or image, Hp Reveal then plays the pre recorded media. Using the App, students have creating their own personal examples as audio supporting their family trees artwork, as well as within the museum itself to explain the Treaty of Waitangi. It’s like your own personal Museum guide.

Project adapted from A History in Pictures

Pblworks.org: Well worth exploring for ideas


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