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Earthquake Safe Buildings

The Wakari Seniors are about to embark on learning about different structures. I wanted to show them the awesome Science Journal app which has so many uses in the classroom. The website gives great lesson ideas for a wide range of uses of the app in many curriculum areas. I pretty much followed the 'Build an Earthquake Resistant Building' lesson with the students.

Students were split into groups of 4 and given a sheet to gather data with. The app gives the students real data for the amount of movement of the box. This data could be analysed and provided a real-world example of measurement and averages.

Students put the phone on a box on cardboard then moved it back and forth. The app measured the amount of movement of the box. In the second scenario, felt pens were put under the box. This, ideally, reduced the amount of movement. The next step is for the teams to design a way in which to support the 'building' with as little movement as possible when the ground is moving. It is engaging for the kids to get real data.

Good discussion prompts and subsequent lesson ideas came out of this task, eg.

- What is a fair test? How do we make sure all of our data can be compared fairly?

- What is the point of an average?

- How do we work out an average?

- In what ways can we reduce the amount of building movement and design a base which would protect buildings in an earthquake?


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