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Digital Tools, Student Agency & PBL on Show at Kaikorai for Parent Expo

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Author: Ryan Inglis

This Friday 15th March Kaikorai Primary will be holding an open day for parents to come in and see what Project Based Learning is all about, and get some hands on experience with the tools their children have been using.

Each classroom in the school has been working hard to become an expert on a different tool used in PBL.

Room 1 – Programming through Lego WEDO robots Room 2A – 3D printing Room 2 – Cardboard engineering Room 3 –Augmented reality Room 4 – Virtual reality Room 5 – Coding through Scratch and Makey Makeys Room 6 – Electrical circuits Room 7 and 9 – Edison Robots Room 8  – Photo manipulation through picollage Room 10 - Green screen technology Room 12 - Seesaw

The idea is for the students to become the educators, and give parents an insight into the ways they have been using a tool to extend their learning. So many different activities and projects have been going on, in many cases completely integrated with inquiry learning.

The senior class in Room 2 has been looking at cardboard engineering robotic arms, and using this as an investigation as to how they could be used for real world solutions.

In Room 2a students have been learning Tinkercad skills through an activity checklist, before setting off on their own design project to solve a problem around the school. The students have been working on designing, prototyping, and then 3D printing phone holders for teachers, whiteboard marker holders, tennis racket stands, and much more.

In every class, the development of skills, and extension of this learning has also been actively run with the Digital Technologies Curriculum in mind. Both computational thinking, and designing and delivering digital outcomes have been at the core of each class’s work. The guiding line from this curriculum area has been that 'students are working to become more expert in manipulating and combining data, using information management tools to create an outcome'



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